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The end user creates their database designed for their needs. First Line will monitor, detect, and alert through emails. Known and safe visitors and employees will be allowed safe access to your facility.

FIRST LINE will then monitor, detect, and alert to the individuals and notify you via email. Known visitors will be allowed to safely enter or access your facility without hesitation.


Prevention and Reaction

The instant identification process alerts to unwanted visitors or threats. Included in the alert process are the photo of the person originally entered in the database, the photo of their entry, and a protocol message for response. Valued customers can also be identified and given preferential treatment.

From addressing a possible threat, to welcoming CEO’s, executives, and VIP customers, you are immediately aware and reactive to what has occurred.



First Line is designed for easy management and review for site security and integrity. Administrators can closely control the creation and direction of the end user's database.


Threat Detection
Identification of Valued Customers
Access Control
Liability Protection
Monitoring of at Risk People


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“I look at this as an improvement of our ability to secure this facility; it allows us to respond quickly.”

Mike Guzy, St. Louis City Sheriff’s Department - Fox 2 Now, February 25, 2014

“We’ve never had any security problems, but it’s nice to know that our school is thinking of us and getting us the best.”

Quin W. – Student at Mary’s High School – St. Louis Post Dispatch, March 09, 2015

“We can put ourselves in the best possible situation to address the situation by knowing ahead of time.”

Mike England, St. Mary’s High School President – KSDK March 10, 2015

our team

Blue Line Security Owners, facial recognition owner, Tom Saywer in Saint Louis

Tom Saywer - Senior Partner/Sales Support
Phone: 314-809-8223

Thomas Sawyer retired with over 21 years of police and investigative experience from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. His professionalism, management, and organizational skills will deliver First Line in the right direction in the marketplace.




Blue Line Security Owners, facial recognition owner, Joesph Spiess in Saint Louis

Joseph Spiess - Senior Partner/Business Development
Phone: 314-705-6009

Joseph Spiess is a retired Major of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department with over 30 years of experience. His extensive background allows Blue Line Technology to understand and create a tailored facial recognition system that will be useful in many prevention and access controlled environments for the everyday business.


Marcos Silva - Senior Partner/Product Engineering
Phone: 314-341-4463

Marcos Silva is a U.S. Army Veteran and 2005 Chemical Soldier of the Year for the United States Chemical Corps. He is currently assigned as a  Detective of Intelligence with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. His extensive computer knowledge and resources is what developed First Line into what it is today.


Paul Brauss - CEO
Phone: 636-496-7100










George Michaels - CTO
Phone: 636-496-7100











Lindsey Silva - Operations Manager
Phone: 314-341-4463

Lindsey Silva manages and overseas the daily business operations of Blue Line Technology. Her extensive knowledge and self-taught computer background of over 8 years in several computer programs and software allows her to proficiently articulate the background of facial recognition technology and how it can be applied into today's society.



Gabe Keithley - Customer Support Manager Manager
Phone: 314-267-9407










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2015 "Four Companies to Watch" by Small Business Monthly

2014 Most Promising Veteran Owned Company - St. Louis Economical Development

2014 Arch Grant Recipient

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