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Blue Line Security Solutions is a team of former military developers and police professionals applying proven crime prevention methods and new technologies to overcome some of today’s most challenging security issues.


Finally an affordable, practical, and reliable facial recognition system that can help protect retail stores, schools, workplaces, dignitary events, sports and entertainment venues and other sites from unwanted visitors and threats.


Until now, facial recognition technology has been unable to help prevent violent acts and property crime. Blue Line Security Solutions, LLC changes that with the development OF FIRST LINE, a new system utilizing proven and proprietary methods of data capture, input, storage, detection, matching and control that allows any facility to protect its visitors, workers, and property from potential harm.


    • Security at all the retail stores in a network can know immediately when a known shoplifter is in any of their stores, preventing millions of dollars in thefts each year
    • Schools and entertainment venues that accommodate children can recognize a known sex offender as they enter the building
    • A workplace security team can be notified immediately when a former disgruntled employee has entered their business
    • Missing children entering a protected premise can be identified and recovered
    • Businesses can immediately recognize when their best customer is onsite
    • Major sporting event venues can be monitored for national security threats
    • Dignitaries, including the President of the United States, can be kept safe because known threats are identified as they enter a facility and are addressed by law enforcement
    • Vital areas in any business which house sensitive information can experience a significant upgrade in security

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    first line

    how it works

    • Your road to prevention and safety begins with an onsite assessment by the Blue Line Security Solutions team to evaluate your existing security measures, as well as hardware and technological capabilities. After the assessment, a custom FIRST LINE system is created that includes computer hardware, cameras, installation locations, and software. Photos of regular visitors and employees, as well as undesirables such as disgruntled former employees, sex offenders, or known criminals, are then downloaded into the system database.
    • When a known offender or threat approaches your facility, the FIRST LINE’s cameras capture the data and its proprietary software immediately notifies predetermined key employees via email.
    • Your security measures then take over to ensure that the person is addressed safely and is either monitored for prevention, removed from the property, or turned over to the appropriate authorities.
    • Multiple facilities, sites, and businesses can share the database and offender photos through a memorandum of understanding, (with all participating sites receiving on site assessments and system set-up by the Blue Line team).

    Technical Information

    • IP based network camera system
    • Custom designed face matching algorithms suitable for indoor and outdoor environments
    • Regional face matching (eyes, eyes and mouth region, eyes, mouth and nose region) based on a combination of facial features
    • 1:M (one to many) identification provides results as a percentage of recognition likelihood
    • Identification quality requires that both eyes are visible and forward facing
    • Recognition of faces can be detected with up to 15 degrees of facial tilt; more than 15 degrees of facial tilt will result in a loss of matching capability or a lack of detection
    • Compensates for slight changes of facial expressions and hairstyle because recognition is regionalized to eyes, mouth and nose region
    • Import prior video screenshots, and export images and video
    • Camera capabilities of 12 frames per second at 5 mega pixels, or 30 frames per seconds at 2 mega pixels
    • Email alert identification
    • Category based user registration allows for photos/data to be labeled known, unknown or alert
    • Videos are saved as AVI files; still images as JPGs

    system requirements

    • Designed to run with maximum efficiency on a custom built system or laptop running Windows 7 at 64 bits
    • System hardware includes an Intel I7 processor, 32GB Ram, 256GB to 1TB SSD hard drive, 4GB NVidia Graphics Card, monitor, and software along with all other network requirements (i.e. switches, cables, etc.)
    • 300 dpi photos are required for downloading into the database


    • Remote support for each client and terminal
    • Easily scalable networking and infrastructure
    • Performs well regardless of gender or race
    • Preview images, monitor, and have playback control of live feed
    • New or updated photos can be continually added to the database.
    • Camera equipment and computer hardware are installed, as needed
    • Your security staff receives FIRST LINE training

    additional services

    Security Evaluations

    Blue Line Security Solutions, LLC will evaluate your current security status on your home or business and suggest the necessary upgrades or new camera system to ensure FIRST LINE works in your current environment.


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    JLS Consulting, LLC provides the platinum standard in workplace violence prevention and response education, school violence prevention and response education, and a wide array of support services. www.jlsconsultingllc.com

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    our team

    Tom Saywer
    Phone: 314-809-8223


    Thomas Sawyer contribution of over 21 years of police and investigative experience brings a new fresh look into the criminal field and manages the business and sales operations of Blue Line Security Solutions.

    Thomas Sawyer is a retired police officer from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. During his tenure and becoming a deputized federal officer he was also involved in long term, complex conspiracy investigations as part of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force initiative (OCDETF) which resulted in national and international investigations. The cooperative investigations often involved other DEA offices, as well as other federal agencies, including the FBI, ATF, and ICE. In most instances, these investigations were marshaled utilizing a host of electronic surveillances means, including court authorized telephonic Dialed Number Recorders (pen registers), court authorized electronic eavesdropping of residences/businesses and court authorized Title III intercepts of telephones/pagers/computers.

    Thomas Sawyer owns and operates a private investigation company called Blue Line Investigations. His experince with countless hours of surveillance, report preparation and courtroom testimony has been instrumental in the success of many complex and sensitive investigations that Blue Line Investigations carries out. Thomas Sawyer is married with four children and resides in the St. Louis regional area.

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    Joseph Spiess
    Phone: 314-800-8007


    Joseph Spiess crime prevention experience and extensive background allows Blue Line Security to understand and create a tailored facial recognition system that will be useful in many crime reduction strategies.

     Joseph Spiess is presently a St. Louis Police Major assigned as Commander of the South Patrol Division for St. Louis, MO. Graduated from St. Louis University with a Bachelor’s in English and from Webster University with Master’s Degree in Management with an emphasis in Corporate Security. Over his 31 years of police experience, Joseph Spiess was responsible for writing and managing federally funded grants that provided in excess of a half million dollars. Developed and managed nationally recognized program to combat violent crime in St. Louis. Created and maintained liaisons with numerous police departments and federal agencies in the area to create a strategically organized drug enforcement community.

    Joseph Spiess created JLS Consulting, LLC which combined a team of highly experienced law enforcement personnel, to offer training and consulting services to schools and businesses. JSL Consulting provides training and site assessments to help schools and businesses combat violent acts.  Joe Spiess is married with two children and lives in St. Louis, MO.

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    Lindsey Silva
    Phone: 314-341-4463


    Lindsey Silva manages and overseas the daily business and sales operations of Blue Line Security Solutions. She also manages the technical and research operations that have gone in to the development of the First Line Facial Recognition Software. Her extensive knowledge and self-taught computer background of over 8 years in several computer programs and software allows her to proficiently verbalize the background of facial recognition technology and how it can be applied into the business and criminal justice system of today.

    Lindsey Silva graduated from Ashford University in May of 2013 with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Social and Criminal Justice with a minor in Business Management. In 2008, Lindsey attended the St. Louis Police Academy for Deputy training. For three years, she served as a Sheriff’s Deputy for the City of St. Louis handling court reporting and processing confined prisoners for court and for the Department of Corrections. She also was the event coordinator for fundraising over $10,000 for Deputy James Buchanan who was involved in an off-duty shooting. While her husband was in the military she devoted her time in volunteer work alongside her husband for the United States Chemical Corps in Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Lindsey Silva is married with one son and currently resides in St. Louis, MO.

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    Currently our system is being beta tested in several businesses and companies in the St. Louis regional area. We will have information, pictures and feedback once installed and operational.

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    If you have a question about Blue Line Security Solutions, LLC or if you are interested in our First Line product please click here and we will be happy to assist you.
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